Atheist Meme of the Day: Compassion

Scarlet letterI like these Atheist Memes of the Day* because they summerize why Chris and I do not believe in any kind of god, aaaaaaand they help dispel myths about Atheists (like we’re all nasty, amoral orgres who eat babies or something).

Given the holiday season, this one about compassion struck me as particularly important:

Atheists feel compassion, empathy, and social responsibility as much as anybody. We don’t think those feelings come from God — most of us think they’re part of our evolution as social animals — but we don’t need to believe in God to feel these feelings strongly, and to take them seriously.

On that note, SarahMC over at Pursuit of Harpyness compiled a short Feminist Giving Guide so if you have some spare change jingling in your pockets, please consider giving to one of those organizations.

Here’s your Atheist Meme Holiday Bonus (yes, Atheists do enjoy the holidays!)

Atheists enjoy the holidays as much as anyone else. We don’t observe the religious aspects, obviously; but we care about family and friends as much as anybody, and we are as happy to celebrate with them during a time of darkness and cold as much as anybody.

Happy Holidays!

* I pilfered the Atheist Memes from Greta Christina’s blog (but she says it’s OK). Feel free to pass them on!