A relaxing night. . .

. . .  with a book, red wine, and Trader Joe’s Sea Salt pita chips.

Oh. Yum. The Cabernet Sauvignon (Lindeman’s) and the pita chips hit the freaking spot. Something about the sea salt, those fine little granules, complemented the wine perfectly. I mean, perfectly. Better than popcorn, which is my usual go-to snack for a salt craving. I couldn’t woof down the bowl fast enough while alternating with glugs of wine. Maybe it’s how the salt neutralizes the vinegary bite of cheaper wines. Also, I’m just a sucker for how sea salt dances on your tongue.

I popped a little dark chocolate, a slight sweet, in there, too. The smooth velvet to the coarse granules.

Now, I will have some more please.

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